Z_Just getting through each day?

Just getting through each day?
by Jenny

Our world can be perceived as a busy, confusing and demanding place.

We are presented with so many more choices, feel expectations and hold commitments than we have time to fully engage in. So easily we can feel overwhelmed. So, how can we regain the feeling of having the space and time to create and enjoy our own life, the way we wish to each day?

You may be familiar with the concept of using the reflection of what appears around each one of us in the world as a tool to understand the nature of our inner environment – a potent tool to explore, for sure. If we feel anxious, do we have the presence to question why, or do we react from that perception. To unravel these reactions we need to place value on spending the time to notice, but why bother?

To cultivate the ability to respond and not just react in our interactions with others and with ourselves, it can be valuable to examine whether our precious commodity of time is proportionally given to those people and activities that we value most, and that are valued by others.


Example: We may desire to feel healthier each day and know that by learning more about preparing good food would assist this, but we persist in spending time on non-specific internet surfing.

We each have the choice to claim our time as our own, layer by layer, prioritising and refining the way we use it to impact each day.

Step back and plan

A vicious cycle can ensue when we don’t step back and plan, consciously create our days, weeks and beyond. There is everything right and exciting about spontaneity, but reacting to the demands of the moment, to stimuli that shouts the loudest, dilutes our focus and influence to achieve what we are capable of. It is not our intention to have to make poorly planned decisions last minute, to crisis manage, but this is often the vulnerable position we find ourselves in when we have not taken stock to plan with foresight.

There can be an insidious yet powerful knock-on effect of this type of daily life. The impact of not being careful with how we use our time and where we place out focus can be vast. Close relationships can be diluted and affected, our health can be neglected.

When we are busy and perceive life is stressful we have already activated our adrenal response, draining our repair and restore ability. This, in turn, can influence our blood sugar balance and food choices tend towards stimulant, sugar or carbohydrate pick-me-ups to keep going. This creates acidity in the body which continues the cycle of perceived stress, and the reality we see outside of us continues to reflect this as our actions come from this mindset.

Give yourself the gift of excellent self care

We each deserve to gift ourselves excellent self care, we are each precious human beings that have a unique role to fulfil on the earth. We are caring for many people we love and are loved by many people so it is important to take the best care of ourselves so we can really be the best version of ourselves, to enjoy our days and to care for others. When we are nourished and hydrated, using time wisely and encouraging healthy energy boundaries with others we are able to be patient, compassionate and we notice the little opportunities to be kind.

Life is dynamic and circumstances can be challenging but if we aim to consciously approach the majority of our lives with presence then we cultivate the ability to manage the challenging times with grace. If we value ourselves, take the best care of ourselves then we can experience life fully, see compromise for what it is and take time to savour the moments, to live with clarity of thought and conscious response.

© Jenny Brown, Soul Integrity Ltd

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