Z_Jenny_Unravelling suppression to uncover hope

Unravelling suppression to uncover hope
by Jenny

How often do we feel expansive and excited about our day?

Not just because we’re going out for our birthday or to meet our close friend, but just feeling grateful to be alive, to notice all that we have despite our desires for different or more than we have. Do we cherish enjoying our freedom of choice, feeling peaceful, dynamic and confident of being able to handle life, even in the face of challenges? Are we truly active participants in creating our experience for the day ahead?

Many of us live each day, just doing our best, getting through our commitments, managing less than vibrant health and manipulating how we feel to be able to carry on, occasionally noticing happier moments that are shimmers of promise but that fade into ‘normal’ again. Is this acceptance of normal healthy?

We are each owners of miraculous vehicles that carry us through life, enable us to be and do what we wish, in theory. However, without us noticing, despite our best efforts, we very often settle for or experience less.

Why is this?

A big topic, a complex conversation but here are a few thoughts….

Our lives unfold as a result of decisions, circumstances, personality, knowledge, opportunity and expectations. The origins of these influences, resulting in different levels of lived experience, the cycles and patterns we imprint, are unique to each of us. Maybe we can view these dynamics at a level of our purpose on earth unfolding. We can choose to see through what is normal, double check the validity of this assumption, and learn from our deductions and experiences. Or we can hold inevitability or a blaming viewpoint. Which type of stance is moving towards feeling better inside each day and serving the purpose of creating an optimistic future?

Reclaiming our right to have truly independent thought and living from that sense of self responsibility is intimidating for many. We are surrounded by messages about who we should be, how we should act, what is cool, what is right. However, by just accepting the larger constructs that we function within as right or merely complying with unexplored trust in authority, we unknowingly collude with societal norms. Whilst being distracted by keeping going, ‘doing our best’, we can sometimes find ourselves in the trap of missing the biggest elephant in the room that we only notice when we get trampled on.

As many paradigms we live alongside and within are called into question by the greater exposure of different opinions, research and questions, we have the opportunity to see things differently, if we look. If we truly observe the health of our children, the vibrancy of our elderly, the number of healthy adults free of medicated health issues, would it be wise to move beyond not challenging the society that accepts this, to look beyond having no time or being too busy, by creating time for preparation and exploration, instead of being vulnerable to becoming the result of uninformed reaction.

In just one area of our lives, an example could be this: If we support our local growers of consciously cultivated food, we may shift the dynamic of how easy it is to eat naturally and healthily, in a way that our bodies and minds understand, without expecting them to deal with so much unnatural intake. When we nourish our bodies and minds with clean food, encourage this as a culture, we could avoid the experience of symptoms that encourage us to manage by entering into further levels of suppression to keep going, perpetuate the cycle, to further our feelings of disconnection from fulfilment each day.

If we consider those that are most vulnerable to suppressive measures, our children, who only get to claim their ability to direct their own path several years after many patterns have been set pretty firmly, creating their identity and expectations, we can see how the insidious impact can unfold. On the flipside, we can grasp the potential for exciting change with more conscious preparation for family life. Of course, having similar thoughts and habits, creates a sense of belonging, but if societal collusion is so powerful, is it not more caring for ourselves and others to use this power in a positive way?

By supporting each other to be our best, to question issues that seem, ‘not right or just’, then we may gradually create a daily experience where we are supporting each other to pursue our individual ability to be who we truly are, which not only may feel much better personally, but may create a more cohesive community. Of course, this path can be very intricate but we each play a crucial part of uniqueness in the world that deserves to be fully experienced by all.

So shall we engage in double thinking our assumptions, the choices we make… Are we choosing what we wish to experience? Are we accepting things for how they are without critical thought? Are we part of the perpetual cycle or can we step aside and consciously choose what step to take next?

© Jenny Brown, Soul Integrity Ltd

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The information shared does not replace any medical advice, it is intended for educational and awareness purposes only. Full responsibility remains with each individual for the decisions made about their own health and life.