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Sliding Doors-The Roll-on Effect
by Jenny

 Do you remember the film ‘Sliding Doors’?

The film portrays the life events of a woman from the perspective of catching a train and missing a train. The story shows us the roll-on experience of these two differing events, lived in parallel.

In life, we generally only have one chance at making a choice that will affect the next minute, and we have all certainly experienced the impact of choices that were grace-filled and ones that were devastating. We all make choices all the time; we do our best, every minute, every second.

If we consider the possibility that we can create or change the next few minutes which then roll-on to the next day, week, month, year and life, how could we enlist this power to create a more positive experience for ourselves and those we care about?

  • What proportion of our daily choices are consciously made?
  • Which choices are purely habits or repetition?
  • Have we truly sought the knowledge and awareness that we can to make the best choice we know how, or are we relying on old knowledge or an out of date perspective which we don’t give the time to explore and update?
  • Are we allowing other people or influences to colour our judgement or squash our ideal next step?

The Ramifications of Lack of Awareness

Throughout my life experience and especially in my nursing career, I have observed the ramifications of the lack of awareness. Now, there is a delicate balance between learning from our experience and honouring that in hindsight we can see what we didn’t see at the time. However, in matters of health and well-being, people often come to a place of crisis and distress, which possibly could have been seen approaching, if gentle notice of warning signs were heeded, understood and interpreted. I have the greatest compassion for those that find themselves in this place, however, what an opportunity we have right now.

  • What veil shields us from taking notice of these warning signs?
  • Why do we sometimes have to wait until there is a scream from our body or soul to listen?

Very often, conventional healthcare is only engaged in these crisis times in life, which often present us with a dilemma as we enter a place of vulnerability, we end up giving our power away through fear or expose ourselves to greater risk than we would choose in a more objective circumstance.

  • Can we minimise this potential by making different choices before the point of crisis?
  • Can we empower ourselves through knowledge, self-awareness, changes of priority and being present more of the time?

Of course… we have so much power and influence over our experience each day. Let’s harness it, explore it, enjoy it and create what we intend for ourselves. Consider a choice you are about to make… think more expansively, challenge the normal decision and choose an upgraded version…what happens?

By engaging this perspective, we can actively unfold with greater intention, to live the consequences of our own choices and not the roll-on effects of another influence on us. Generally we make really good considered decisions for ourselves when we seek knowledge, contemplate the consequences and tune in to our own personal compass deep inside.

As we are all here to contribute our own unique gifts, living from our own conscious perspective, we are more likely to unfold what we intend for others as well as ourselves if we more consciously choose our next steps.

© Jenny Brown, Soul Integrity Ltd

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The information shared does not replace any medical advice, it is intended for educational and awareness purposes only. Full responsibility remains with each individual for the decisions made about their own health and life.