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Exploring Nourishment
by Jenny

When we truly consider the concept of nourishment... nutrition, food and what we eat, is only a small part.

Each one of us has unique needs and values of what feels nourishing, depending on our life experience, our preferences, our current circumstances and the balances or imbalances that we may be accommodating in our daily lives.

We can consider these influences and contemplate the following questions below...

Who are you really feeding?

-Your emotions? Your body? Your mind? Your spirit?

Where and how are you nourishing yourself?

-In the car? At the table? Quickly? Slowly? With love?

Why are you feeding yourself this particular food or drink?

-To feed your emotions? To fuel your body and mind? To inspire personal and spiritual growth?

What are you feeding yourself?

-Real, natural, vital foods? Processed and packaged foods?

If we spend some time becoming aware of our own unique answers to these questions, then we can start to unravel patterns, cycles and habits. Once we become aware of these factors, we can choose to nourish ourselves from a more wholesome position. This shift encourages healing and provides us with more information to take us onto the next step of bringing our body into balance every day.

In addition, there are many other aspects to self nourishment, for example, taking physical gentle care of our bodies, being with those that we love and connecting with someone that really appreciate us.

Questions courtesy of http://heartofnourishment.com/nourishment/

© Jenny Brown, Soul Integrity Ltd

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The information shared does not replace any medical advice, it is intended for educational and awareness purposes only. Full responsibility remains with each individual for the decisions made about their own health and life.